Infrared Sauna Treatment

Infrared was first discovered by the British astronomer, William Herschel in 1800s. Infrared light is a part of the light spectrum from the sun. It is an invisible light which cannot be seen by human eyes. The wavelength is from 0.75 to 1000 microns. NASA conducted a series of research proofing the Infrared light with 5.6 -15 microns is indispensable to human survival. Therefore, it also called “The light of Life”.


According to the scientific theory, the infrared light can be emitted by human body by 60-80% in the range of 4-25 microns. It has 3 main properties: direct heating, deep penetration, resonance absorption.


Japan’s leading medical doctor Toshiko Yamazaki spent her life time on the research of Far Infrared light and human health. She published the famous book “Magic Far Infrared” and received high acclaim world-wide. Through Dr. Yamazaki’s clinical studies have proved Far Infrared light therapy is most effective method of preventing cancer.


Infrared Light Therapy promotes sweating 3 times more than traditional Sauna & Steam. Dr. Alan Lancaster, German Sports Medicine published the study report “sweat is the way to completely remove the body of harmful substances, the accumulated carcinogenic ingredients and heavy metals”. Infrared Light Therapy helps to remove the root causes of cancer. Health and longevity often connect to large amount of sweat release from the body.


Far Infrared Light and human health:


It is effectively improve the micro-circulation of the body. As we all know, micro-circulation has an extremely important role on human health. Micro-circulation in our body circulates between the arterioles and venal, is a venue for the exchange of human energy.


Micro-circulation helps:


  • Our body to absorb nutrition into all tissue cells

  • To excrete harmful waste, toxin from the body


Use of Infrared Light proves therapeutic benefits to a wide range of illnesses:

  • Internal illness – fatigue, chills diseases, the common cold, chronic bronchitis, breast lump

  • External illness – frostbite, heel pain, chronic lumbar muscle strain, back pain, frozen shoulder, rheumatoid arthritis pain, menopause syndrome

  • Neurological illness – Parkinson’s disease, migraine, insomnia

  • Skin Problems – acne, freckles, chapped skin, pollen allergies


The benefits of Infrared Sauna Treatment:


  • Promote cell activities

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Speed up metabolism

  • Improve immune system to fight against the diseases

  • Reduce 70 kind of chronic degenerative diseases

  • Promote sweating 3 times more than traditional Sauna & Steam

  • Cleanse, detoxify & disperse swelling

  • Pain relief & anti-inflammation

  • Help body slimming & weight loss

  • Regulate nervous system to improve sleep mode

Body Infrared Sauna Treatment (with shower)

40 minutes


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