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Infrared Sauna Treatment

Use of Infrared Light proves therapeutic benefits to a wide range of illnesses:

  • Internal illness – fatigue, chills diseases, the common cold, chronic bronchitis, breast lump

  • External illness – frostbite, heel pain, chronic lumbar muscle strain, back pain, frozen shoulder

  • Rheumatoid arthritis pain, menopause syndrome

  • Neurological illness – Parkinson’s disease, migraine, insomnia

  • Skin Problems – acne, freckles, chapped skin, pollen allergies


The benefits of Infrared Sauna Treatment:


  • Promote cell activities

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Speed up metabolism

  • Improve immune system to fight against the diseases

  • Reduce 70 kind of chronic degenerative diseases

  • Promote sweating 3 times more than traditional Sauna & Steam

  • Cleanse, detoxify & disperse swelling

  • Pain relief & anti-inflammation

  • Help body slimming & weight loss

  • Regulate nervous system to improve sleep mode

 Infrared Sauna:in private room

40 minutes

45 min Massage + 40 min Infrared Sauna



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